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Thursday, 17 September 2015

This week in Nursery...

We have been doing lots of fun things this week in Nursery including making friends!

Amos and Daniel enjoyed racing on the grass together... I wonder who was faster?

Sarai used beautiful manners to ask Kaylaa if she could swap her dance scarf for some rings, Kaylaa was very kind and shared with Sarai. Well done girls!

At lunchtime Bronson spotted his little sister Shiloh-Rayne. Shiloh-Rayne was so excited to see her brother and ran over to give him a cuddle, Bronson was so proud of his little sister that he got upset and told Miss Harborne "It's just so lovely to see Shiloh happy and playing on her first morning at Nursery."

Well done to all of our brave Robins and Sparrows for settling in so well!

Miss Harborne


  1. Ahh isn't. That lovely Bronson

  2. Ahh isn't. That lovely Bronson

  3. Isn't that lovely Bronson x