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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Robins Trip to the Butterfly Farm

We enjoyed our first trip to the Butterfly Farm.. 
we got on a big red coach and saw some sheep on the way. 

'Is this where the hungry caterpillar lives? he belongs here' (Macie-Leigh and Dolcie) 

Our tour guide showed us around and talked to us about some of the butterflies we met.. 

This butterfly had a pattern on his wings that looked like an owl's eye, they liked drinking juice from all the different fruits. 

We also met some caterpillars who were munching away at the leaves.. 

We saw some tiny eggs on the leaves.. 

'The baby caterpillar comes out of the tiny egg, he gets big and fat, he builds a cocoon goes inside for 2 weeks and comes out as a beautiful butterfly'. (Saniha). 

We also met some fish and a HUGE furry spider...

Some of the children's favourite parts of the day: 

"I liked the butterflies flying away everywhere, the red queen one" (Zain)

"I liked the caterpillars when his tongue came out" (Rhyley.H)

"I liked feeding the fish" (Kelsey)

"Spider" (Zohaib)

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