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Friday, 18 March 2016

Sparrows Trip to the Butterfly Farm

Sparrows have been so looking forward to their visit to the Butterfly Farm.. 

"2 more sleeps can't wait to see butterflies" (Maddox) "we going today" 

We got on a big red coach.. "it's like a bus isn't it" (Holly) .. 

When we got on the bus we put on our seat belts and waved goodbye to school.. 

We drove past the airport and saw some horses and cows in the fields.. 
"they eating grass because that's what they eat, we don't eat grass" (Amos)

Our tour guide Kat met us when we arrived.. she talked to us about some of the things we were going to see and how to keep safe when walking around the flight area. 

We met some beautiful butterflies in the flight area, they were drinking juice from the fruits.. some of the butterflies landed our shoulders. 

Kat took us into the caterpillar room to show us some of the caterpillars.. we learnt that some are camouflaged so that they look like part of a leaf, this is to avoid them being eaten. 

She showed us some tiny eggs on the leaves and we were lucky enough to see a butterfly hatching from its pupa. 

Here are some of the beautiful butterflies we saw:

We got to touch a moth's cocoon.. 

A butterfly landed on Sarai's head.. she was so brave and stood very still.. 

Another butterfly liked Amos' jacket and landed on his back.. 

Some of the children's favourite parts of the day: 

"I liked the butterflies flying around everywhere." (Jayee)

"It was funny when the butterfly landed on my head" (Sarai)

"I liked it when we saw the butterfly coming out the cocoon" (Lacey)

"I like the butterflies" (Shiloh)

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